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Episode 452: “Black History Month” with Joe Praino

With Joe Praino Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is still in Australia and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) is back from New York to host another episode of Talkin’ Shit. This week the guest is friend of the show Joe Praino (@fixyourlife). The guys talk black history month, Joe’s Scorsese eyebrows, and why strippers hate Tinder.  Praino previews his 2020 presidential […]

Episode 451: “Bingle Bike 2” by EcoCaddy

With Mickey D and Lawrence Mooney Eddie Ifft is in Adelaide, Australia back on a pedi-cab, sponsored by EcoCaddy, for a brand new episode of Talkin’ Shit – go download the EcoHail app to hail an EcoCaddy while in Adelaide. Joining this show are comedians Mickey D (@the_phatcave) and Lawrence Mooney (@lawrencemooney). Eddie and Mickey discuss the […]

Episode 450: “Waiting for Jordan Harbinger”

With Lachlan Patterson and Matt Devlin Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is still in Australia so Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) is taking over again with some help from guests Lachlan Patterson (@lachjaw) and Matt Devlin (@MattDevlin314). Jason also alludes to a special guest being on their way. The guys cover all of the important topics from what to do when […]

Episode 449: “Hook Line and Stinker”

With Chris Fairbanks and Matt Kirshen Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is in Australia, so this week he tasked Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) with a list of topics to tackle for Episode 449 of Talkin’ Shit. Jason gets deep with Chris Fairbanks (@ChrisFairbanks) from TrueTV’s Almost Genius and Matt Kirshen (@MattKirshen) from the podcast Probably Science.  No spoilers in this description – you just […]

Episode 448: “Don’t Float that Baloon”

with Brent Forrester and Gareth Reynolds Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) are recording Episode 448 of Talkin’ Shit, the last episode before Eddie heads down under for a series of shows. This week Brent Forrester joins the show to talk shit, Brent was a writer for The Ben Stiller Show, starting off a great career that lead into writing for […]

Episode 447: “The New Tom Cruise”

with Lachlan Patterson and Joe Praino Episode 447 of Talkin’ Shit has Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) back in the basement of the Venice Townhouse. Eddie explains how difficult it is to line up advertising – thanks for the last minute ad from Draft Kings – we won’t be cleaning up this shit, so […]

Episode 446: “California Double”

 with Andrew Santino Eddie’s late, but made it right in time after completing the California Double – surfing and snowboarding in the same day. This week’s guest is Andrew Santino (@CheetoSantino), who discusses living in the hills withEddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and how impossible it is to navigate around. • Jason’s dropping loads in is girlfriend. • […]

Episode 445: “The Racist Episode”

 with Earl Skakel and Chris Wylde Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is back in the Townhouse / Venice Underground / Del Monte Speakeasy, joining the Auer of Power (@JasonAuer) with special guest comedian Earl Skakel (@EarlSkakel), from The Inappropriate Earl podcast. Also joining this episode is Talkin’ Shit regular, Chris Wilde (@ChrisWyldeSays). We start off 2016 strong by […]

Episode 444: Best Moments of 2015

Happy New Year! Enjoy this week’s “Best Moments of 2015” episode as we continue to prepare for our 2016 season of Talkin’ Shit!  Thanks for the great year and great memories… cheers to an even better one in 2016. Don’t forget – rate and review Talkin’ Shit (aka “Talkins Hit”) on iTunes or your favorite […]

Episode 443: My Inner Black with Al Jackson

with Al Jackson Eddie is still traveling… so Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) takes over in with Al Jackson (@AlJackson), who’s late to the dark Venice un-studio . To fill time, Jason talks, and talks, about semen and then relives his tranny incident. Jason cautiously discusses living with a black girl with Al which spins to about having […]