Episode 457: Chattanooga Choo Choo with Lachlan Patterson and Andy Ruther


with Lachlan Patterson and Andy Ruther

We have a full house on Talkin Shit today, where Lachlan Patterson (@lachjaw) and Andy Ruther (@andyruther) join Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) to discuss all of the hot topics you want to hear about. The guys talk about everything from how they don’t understand snapchat, to terrorism, and a guy with two dicks. Jason reviews shows and movies he’s never seen and Lachlan tells the magical story of how he got a card that awarded him free Chipotle for life. If you were wondering what is worse, the r-word or the n-word, you’re in luck, because that will definitely be addressed. Plus Andy talks about his gay ski week trips with Lance Bass and we have special guest appearances from Matt Devlin (@MattDevlin314) and Bronston Jones (@bronicus).

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