Episode 451: “Bingle Bike 2” by EcoCaddy

With Mickey D and Lawrence Mooney

Eddie Ifft is in Adelaide, Australia back on a pedi-cab, sponsored by EcoCaddy, for a brand new episode of Talkin’ Shit – go download the EcoHail app to hail an EcoCaddy while in Adelaide. Joining this show are comedians Mickey D (@the_phatcave) and Lawrence Mooney (@lawrencemooney).

Eddie and Mickey discuss the history of Adelaide, meeting Tommy Lee, Eddie quit coffee, suicides, Adelaide “massage”, Mickey’s gambling problem and much more as they tour Adelaide on the EcoCaddy (@EcoCaddy – email,

Lawrence Mooney, joins at the tail end to show his speedo lines and chat about the drama that occurred on Twitter.

Check out Eddie’s shows in the Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights at

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