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Episode 467: “Mexicans In Elevators” with Ben Gleib, Steven Randolph, and Craig Phillip Conant

It’s a full house at The Townhouse this week where Eddie Ifft (@eddieifft) is joined by Ben Gleib (@bengleib), Craig Phillip Conant (@craigconant), and Steven Randolph (@stephenrandolph2). The show starts off with Ben and Eddie comparing…

Kickstart The Bingle Bus!

  Kickstarter is up and kicking! Let’s do this thing ShitHeads. Please spread the word to every ShitHead or podcast or debauchery fan you know. I can’t wait to see who is going to Tijuana with Yosh! Click the picture above to donate!

Less Than 20 Tickets Left for the Live 300th Episode of Talkin’ Shit!

All you Shitheads that like to wait until the very last minute, that minute is here! As of the time of this post there are less than 20 tickets available for the Live 300th Episode at The Hollywood Improv, December 3rd. This is going to be an awesome party with great guests including Ms. Pat, […]

Less Than 25 Tickets Left for The Live 300th Episode!

That’s right Shitheads, Tickets are almost gone for the Live 300th Episode on December 3rd. If you are in or are going to be in the Los Angeles area, get your tickets now before they are all gone! Tickets are only $5.00. Click Here for Tickets