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Episode 417: The Jack Ass 5 with Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Ehren Danger and Steven Randolph

  The Bingle Bus is in Pasadena, CA this week at The Icehouse Comedy Club. Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Ehren Danger, and Steven Randolph join Eddie on the bus to share some of their wild stories. Listen to find out if the bus survives on this episode of Talkin’ Bingle! Steve-O – @steveo Chris Pontius – […]

Less Than 20 Tickets Left for the Live 300th Episode of Talkin’ Shit!

All you Shitheads that like to wait until the very last minute, that minute is here! As of the time of this post there are less than 20 tickets available for the Live 300th Episode at The Hollywood Improv, December 3rd. This is going to be an awesome party with great guests including Ms. Pat, […]