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Episode 460: “Touch The Lamp” with Dan St. Germain

This week on Talkin’ Shit,Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) are joined by Chris Wylde (@ChrisWyldeSays) and Dan St. Germain (@DSgermain). Dan talks about writing for Nikki Glaser’s show and Eddie gives an update on the Bingle Bus and the pilot.

Episode 457: Chattanooga Choo Choo with Lachlan Patterson and Andy Ruther

with Lachlan Patterson and Andy Ruther We have a full house on Talkin Shit today, where Lachlan Patterson (@lachjaw) and Andy Ruther (@andyruther) join Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) to discuss all of the hot topics you want to hear about. The guys talk about everything from how they don’t understand snapchat, to […]

Episode 456: We Only Roast The Ones We Love with Olivia Grace

with Olivia Grace On a last minute Vegas trip to perform at the Improv in Harrah’s, Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is joined by Orange County comedian, Oliva Grace (@LOLOliviaGrace). Olivia started comedy when she was 16 and is killing it. They discuss the younger comedy scene in LA, how sensitive millennials are, failing forward, doing the comedy […]

Episode 455: A Piece Of You In Me

with Jason Auer Eddie Ifft (@eddieifft) is back from Australia and he is not in a good mood. This week it’s just Eddie and Jason Auer (@jasonauer) back in the Townhouse to discuss everything from why everyone liked Jason better when he was poor to Dr. Drew’s ghost loads. The guys discuss ways to raise money […]

Episode 454: Live from The Rhino Room (Again) in Adelaide, Australia

with Arj Barker, Wil Anderson and Rich Hall This week, Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is back in The Rhino Room for another LIVE episode of Talkin’ Shit. Also on stage is Arj Barker (@arjbarker) from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords , Wil Anderson (@wilarious) and Rich Hall from Saturday Night Live! Eddie talks about his first time in Adelaide […]

Episode 453: Live from The Rhino Room In Adelaide, Australia

With Mickey D Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) joins Mikey D (@the_phatcave) takes over The Rhino Room in Adelaide, Australia for a LIVE recording on Talkin’ Shit.  If you weren’t there, you have to listen, if you were there, you should listen again!   Be sure to check out Eddie’s shows in the Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights at http://eddieifft.com/adelaide2016. […]

Episode 452: “Black History Month” with Joe Praino

With Joe Praino Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is still in Australia and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) is back from New York to host another episode of Talkin’ Shit. This week the guest is friend of the show Joe Praino (@fixyourlife). The guys talk black history month, Joe’s Scorsese eyebrows, and why strippers hate Tinder.  Praino previews his 2020 presidential […]

Episode 451: “Bingle Bike 2” by EcoCaddy

With Mickey D and Lawrence Mooney Eddie Ifft is in Adelaide, Australia back on a pedi-cab, sponsored by EcoCaddy, for a brand new episode of Talkin’ Shit – go download the EcoHail app to hail an EcoCaddy while in Adelaide. Joining this show are comedians Mickey D (@the_phatcave) and Lawrence Mooney (@lawrencemooney). Eddie and Mickey discuss the […]

Episode 450: “Waiting for Jordan Harbinger”

With Lachlan Patterson and Matt Devlin Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is still in Australia so Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) is taking over again with some help from guests Lachlan Patterson (@lachjaw) and Matt Devlin (@MattDevlin314). Jason also alludes to a special guest being on their way. The guys cover all of the important topics from what to do when […]

Episode 449: “Hook Line and Stinker”

With Chris Fairbanks and Matt Kirshen Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is in Australia, so this week he tasked Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) with a list of topics to tackle for Episode 449 of Talkin’ Shit. Jason gets deep with Chris Fairbanks (@ChrisFairbanks) from TrueTV’s Almost Genius and Matt Kirshen (@MattKirshen) from the podcast Probably Science.  No spoilers in this description – you just […]