Episode 458: “Auerless” with Michael Kosta and Jerron Horton


with Michael Kosta and Jerron Horton

Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is Auer-less today, but that’s ok because he is joined by guests Michael Kosta (@michaelkosta) and Jerron Horton (@jerronhorton). Jerron shares the story of how he participated in the Auer across America tour and Michael tells us what it’s like being the 875th best tennis player in the world, as well as a handsome comedian. Eddie gives an update on The Bingle Bus pilot and we have a special guest appearance from Randy Puga (@Urinalyacker to tell tales of his gang bangs. The guys debate the pros and cons of being a webcam girl and answer the question, is it really worth it? Plus Michael and Eddie tell the heartwarming story of how they once went to see a rapist together.

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