Episode 454: Live from The Rhino Room (Again) in Adelaide, Australia


with Arj Barker, Wil Anderson and Rich Hall

This week, Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is back in The Rhino Room for another LIVE episode of Talkin’ Shit. Also on stage is Arj Barker (@arjbarker) from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords , Wil Anderson (@wilarious) and Rich Hall from Saturday Night Live!

Eddie talks about his first time in Adelaide for the festival… it’s 10 years later.  Mickey D couldn’t show up, but he’s there in spirit, surrounded by cocks. Arj Barker shares his story about Mt. Everest. Before Arj heads out to his high-roller poker game, Wil Anderson joins the conversation. Wil hilariously discusses long flights. Finally Rich Hall, from Saturday Night Live, jumps in and the show really gets started!

Be sure to check out Eddie’s shows in the Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights at

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