Episode 445: “The Racist Episode”

 with Earl Skakel and Chris Wylde

comparisonEddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) is back in the Townhouse / Venice Underground / Del Monte Speakeasy, joining the Auer of Power (@JasonAuer) with special guest comedian Earl Skakel (@EarlSkakel), from The Inappropriate Earl podcast. Also joining this episode is Talkin’ Shit regular, Chris Wilde (@ChrisWyldeSays).

We start off 2016 strong by discussing Earl’s gigantic dick… then onto West Hollywood, Jason’s laser business, Bill Cosby, and more rape. DISCLAIMER: We don’t condone rape, rape is bad.

But thats not all, Earl works as a judge and the “house hater” (originally referred as to as the “house racist”) for the Roast Battle at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, use your imagination.


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Find Earl Skakel on his podcast “Inappropriate Earl” and 2 episodes of Rob Schneider’s Real Rob. Also Chris Wylde on his new podcast “The Legendary Duo” with Joe Praino.

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