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Talkin Shit – Latest Episode

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Episode 468: “Somebody Shoot Him” with Chas Smith and Yoshi Obayashi

Chas Smith joins Eddie Ifft and Jason Auer at The Townhouse this week and Yoshi is back! Chas talks about getting kidnapped in Lebanon and his book Welcome to Paradise, Go to Hell. Yoshi updates us on…

Episode 467: “Mexicans In Elevators” with Ben Gleib, Steven Randolph, and Craig Phillip Conant

It’s a full house at The Townhouse this week where Eddie Ifft (@eddieifft) is joined by Ben Gleib (@bengleib), Craig Phillip Conant (@craigconant), and Steven Randolph (@stephenrandolph2). The show starts off with Ben and Eddie comparing…

Episode 466: “Happy Auer” with Shane Mauss and Lachlan Patterson

Eddie Ifft (@eddieifft) and Jason Auer (@jasonauer) are late so Machete starts the show with this week’s guest, comedian, Shane Mauss (@shanecomedy) from the “Here We Are” podcast and Talkin’ Shit regular, Lachlan Patterson (@lachjaw). Jason wants to book Norm McDonald, and Shane has the hook up…

Episode 465: “Connecting Kennedy’s” with Bobby Kennedy III and Gino

Eddie Ifft (@eddieifft) and Jason Auer (@jasonauer) are joined by Bobby Kennedy III (@bktre), and Gino (@speedweed). The guys talk about the legal trouble Gino is having with LA Speed Weed and guess which musicians smoke the most. With a Kennedy in the…

Episode 464: “The Musketeer” with Craig Phillip Conant

Craig Phillip Conant (@craigconant) and Joe Praino (@fixyourlife) join Eddie (@eddieifft) and Jason (@jasonauer) for Episode 464 of Talkin’ Shit. To start, Eddie has a turtlehead and Praino doesn’t have a mustache. They guys talk excessively about…

Episode 463: “Who Erased The Bagel” with Lance Patrick

On this episode of Talkin’ Shit, Wheeler Walker Jr. and Jason Auer are both no shows, but Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and Lance Patrick (@LancePatrick) are here to steer the ship. Lance struggles to accept the fact that Jason is going to be a dad and the guys talk about…

Episode 462: “Solo” with Bud Adams

Flying solo this week while performing at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy in Phoenix, AZ, Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) chats with Talkin’ Shit Producer / Head-Mong, Bud Adams (@TheBudAdams). They discuss how insane it’s been running the podcast, pre-producing the Bingle Show, delivering the Kickstarter rewards, fixing the bus, all while Eddie is still traveling around the globe doing shows.

Episode 461: “Bro Out” with Kimball Taylor

This week on Talkin’ Shit,Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) are joined by author Kimball Taylor in the “mountain lair” for the special day-late episode. They talk about getting high and driving, and how difficult it is to get a ticket for that. Jason is stoned… so that’s new.

Episode 460: “Touch The Lamp” with Dan St. Germain

This week on Talkin’ Shit,Eddie Ifft (@EddieIfft) and Jason Auer (@JasonAuer) are joined by Chris Wylde (@ChrisWyldeSays) and Dan St. Germain (@DSgermain). Dan talks about writing for Nikki Glaser’s show and Eddie gives an update on the Bingle Bus and the pilot.